Captain Rod's Star Party Expeditions

These are the voyages of the Star-CAT "Ultima"...her continuing mission to seek out new star parties  and new amateur astronomer boldly go where no SCT has gone before!


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Captain's Log, Stardate: 0801.2008

2008 Almost Heaven Star Party


Friendly? Yep! Well-run? Check! Dark skies? You betcha! Where? Almost Heaven, West Virginia, of course. 

Beautiful views in  sky AND on land are the on the menu!


This curiously built but comfortable "yurt" kept Uncle Rod warm--and dry on one night!


The BIG YURT provided a comfortable--even elegant--place for meals, presentations, and just hangin' out.


I don't care where I go, one thing one thing I look forward to is buyin' astro-gizmos! 


Mud + tadpoles + kids makes for a fun afternoon!


Yeah, there were some clouds Saturday afternoon, but they eventually gave way to scads and scads of stars!




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