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Howdy, pards. As y'all know, I do a lot of equipment and software reviews. Most of these  are printed in astronomy magazines like ATT. A few wind up in my books. Others go in my blog. But some I do for a few manufacturers whose products I really believe in. These latter tend to become the strays, reviews with no place to call home. Well, they're not quite homeless. These outsiders, these li'l rebels do eventually appear somewhere, and that somewhere is HERE.


The last DOWN-HOME, SOUTHERN-FRIED UPDATE to this here page was on Monday, December 29, 2008 14:40

December 2008: William Optics Megrez 90 ED refractor


December 2008: The Night Everything Changed (Uwan eyepieces)


December 2008: Return of the Denkmeier


December 2008: Burgess Binoviewer (2004)


March, 2007: The Earth Centered Universe Pro 5.0 (software)


September 2006: "Sometimes It Pays to Take a Second Look" (AstroPlanner Software)


August 27, 2006: "Channel Surfing With My C8" (Skyan (wireless)Telescope Control System)


July 16, 2006: "Where is M13?" (software)

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