The SCT Book:

Choosing and Using a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope

From Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series (Springer-Verlag)

by "Uncle" Rod Mollise

"I had a simple goal in writing Choosing and Using a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope: deliver a book that covered everything a new or prospective SCT  (or MCT) owner needs to know. Wasn't easy. Did I succeed? I'll let the reader be the judge, but if I did my secret was sticking to the subject at hand. In the past, similar books have wandered off into a general discussion of amateur astronomy and astronomy in general. Not Choosing! To the greatest extent possible, I've tried to stick to the subject at hand: SCTs (and MCTs), the most popular, technologically advanced and versatile telescopes ever offered the amateur or astronomy educator!"

What do people say about Choosing and Using?


From Astronomy Now magazine

"It is immediately clear that the author does indeed have 25 years experience of SCTs; this book is very well written and one of the best of its kind that I have read...I would urge everyone who has purchased or is thinking of purchasing an SCT to buy this book. A better idea would be for suppliers of SCTs to include it as 'standard

From the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

"For those of us who grew up in large families, having a big brother is usually a mixed blessing. On the other hand, having an astronomical "big brother" is decidedly a "good thing," especially when he is a practical-minded expert on the complex world of Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes. Rod Mollise is an active amateur astronomer from Mobile, Alabama, who has been observing for thirty-five years, including twenty-five with a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (or "CAT" for Catadioptric). "

From Mike Weasner's Mighty ETX Web Site

"This is a GREAT book! If you love your ETX but plan to someday move up to an 8" 
or larger telescope, get this book. If you love your ETX and don't plan to move 
up to a larger telescope, get this book. In over 350 pages Rod covers a lot of 
territory (and sky). This book is subtitled "A Guide to Commercial SCTs and 
Maksutovs" and that is exactly what it is. Rod explains the designs and uses for 
these telescopes, tells you how using them feels (I love his chapter on the 
first night out with a new telescope), tells you how to use them, and what you 
can see and not see. He discusses accessories, astrophotography, and maintenance 
and cleaning. Rod's writing style is never preaching and always easy to read. 
Even though you may have an ETX-90RA, ETX-90EC, or ETX-125EC, there is a lot for 
you in this book. Highly recommended!!! "

From Astronomy and Space Magazine

"In my opinion, Choosing and Using a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope is the most informative and authoritative guide on SCTs and MCTs available, and is an absolute must have for both prospective purchasers and existing owners."

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Paperback: 366pp.
ISBN: 1852336315
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, Incorporated
Pub. Date: March  2001



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