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Atlanta Astronomy Club

The Auburn Astronomical Society

Baton Rouge Astronomical Society

The Birmingham Astronomical Society

Escambia Amateur Astronomers' Home Page

The Ponchartrain Astronomical Society

Rainwater Observatory

University of South Alabama Department of Physics (get JDSO here!)

Von Braun Astronomical Society (Huntsville, AL)



"These are a Few of My Favorite Things"

Amateur Astronomy Magazine

Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird

Astromart (Classifieds and MUCH more)

Astro Net Astronomy Resources

The Astronomical League


Astronomy Magazine

Astronomy Mall

Astronomy Now Online

Astronomy Picture of the Day

AstroSystems (Randy Cunningham's Telekits and other goodies)

Astrotec (Great Prices and Friendly Service...what more do you want in a dealer?!)

Big Binoculars.com (get the fantastic Oberwerk 15x70s here!)


Cloudy Nights

Company 7

Crazy Ed Optical 

Gecko Optical (CLASSFIEDS from OZ and lots more good stuff!)

The Great Sky River (link to Andrea Stryer's book on creation tales of the Milky Way)!

Kendrick Astro Instruments (Kendrick 'Dew Zappers' and more!)

Losmandy (Beautiful GEM Mounts)

Meade Instruments Corporation

The Nexstar Resource Site

Obsession Telescopes (Telescopes or works of art? You decide!)

Pegasus Optics

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada


The SETI Institute

Springer--Publisher of Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series and Rod's SCT Book!

Sky and Telescope

Starry Night Lights, Astronomy Friendly Outdoor Lighting

The STScI Digitized Sky Survey (POSS)

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)

Swayze Optical

TeleVue (Uncle Al's Home Page...need I say more?)

The Texas Star Party (The GREATEST!)

Telescope and Binocular Center ('Orion')

Weasner's Mighty ETX Site--THE BEST

Willman-Bell Publishing





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"Everything exists for itself, yet everything is part of something else. The One and the Many contain in themselves the principles of time and space. The way up and the way down are one and the same."