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I'll readily admit that I did not buy my Palm IIIxe for use at the telescope. I bought it because I realized that it was pretty ridiculous for a technical professional to be storing his telephone numbers in an old Star Wars telephone book! I set out to get a handheld computer, and the Palm was the natural choice. Loving gadgets, I was obviously attracted to the Pocket PC. But the price, battery life and operating system steered me back to the Palm. But which Palm? The color IIIc certainly looked cool (and so did the rumored M405). But, the best value of all seemed to be the IIIxe. 8mb of ram and a nice sized screen made this Palm very attractive. So did the price. When I bought mine, the IIIxe was being phased out in favor of the newer M series.

I was very happy with my Palm for business tasks from day one. But how about astronomy? No, I hadn't bought the Palm for astronomy, but I'm NOT going to have a computer without some astro software on it! I quickly discovered some very interesting and useful astronomy apps for the Palm and have been enjoying them immensely. Recently, for example, at the 2001 Texas Star Party, I used a pair of Celestron 10x50 binoculars and the Palm to do John Wagoner's entire Binocular list, seeing dozens of beautiful sights. This experience truly convinced me that the Palm can be a valuable tool for amateurs (and astronomy educators).

What do I plan for this page? For now it's just going to be a collection of links. In the future, I hope to have lots of other stuff--reviews, projects (I'm currently working at converting game boy illuminators for use with the Palm to help alleviate the problem we monochrome user have with producing a red lit screen).

Palm Astro Mailing List Guidelines:

Palm Astro is a mailing list for the users of astronomy related software and hardware for the Palm and Pocket PC computers. Visit the Yahoogroups page at:

General List Guidelines for Palm Astro:

I’m not big on rules, but I do have three suggestions to make which will, I think, ensure Palm Astro's continued health.

1. Be Excellent to One Another. This is not a big problem as far as I’m concerned. Amateurs have a reputation for being polite and overlooking each-others’ foibles. Let’s save the flames for usenet.
The one BIG rule that I do enforce on Palm Astro? NO PERSONAL ATTACKS! Healthy debate is fine, but when it strays into this realm it's time to stop and THINK! Violating this rule is the one thing that for sure will get you in dutch with old Rod!

2. Keep the ball rollin’. If you see the traffic-flow ebb on Palm Astro, chime in with a comment or a question. It is VERY important that new subscribers see messages right away when they join!

3. Strive, as best you can, to stay on topic.

What kind of control will I exercise here? Very little. Ideally a mailing list should be self -supporting. If you have a comment or question about the list, please feel free to email me directly at (or if you just wanna talk scopes and observing…I’m always happy to chat with fellow amateurs).

Me? I (Rod) know many of you from either star parties or from being online a lot (espeically on s.a.a. and my own sct-user mailing list--also found on Yahoogroups). But if you’re curious about your host….

“I’m 47 and a Senior Systems Analyst for Northrop Grumman Aerospace. I also teach my local University’s (University of South Alabama) evening astronomy labs (two nights a week) for the Physics Department. My dear wife Dorothy is a full time professor and Department Chair at USA. Dorothy and I share a big old Victorian house in Mobile, Alabama’s historic district with my step-daughter Beth, 5 cats (the four-footed kind) and 6 telescopes.

Some of my other recent projects include a book on SCTs for Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series of books that's just been published. I also recently did a lot of writing for the "Secrets of the Universe" cards (notebook pages on astronomy/space's like an astronomy encyclopedia by subscription). You may have noticed advertisements for SOTU in the junk mail pile!

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pfp.gif (3604 bytes)     Planetarium for the Palm. Excellent, and currently my favorite Palm Astro App!

paat.jpg (5100 bytes)     Brian Tung's Palm Atlas is another winner!

starpil.gif (3093 bytes)     Star Pilot is another goodie; especially if you need a planisphere-like all sky display.

astrolog2.gif (9429 bytes)     Astrolog is simple and cheap (free, actually), but it really works!

ngc.gif (2416 bytes)     A database of the complete NGC on your Palm can be a VERY handy thing to have!

sider.gif (2676 bytes)     If you need to know LST in a hurry, this is a lifesaver!

pocsat.gif (4078 bytes)     Do you enjoy satellite watching (who doesn't)? Then PocketSat is for you!

hans.jpg (9175 bytes)     Hans Anger's Palm Astro Apps. Excellent and recommended!

minfanim.gif (4649 bytes)      MEW3 Software provides some excellent Palm Astro Apps!

eclipse02.gif (45887 bytes)    22Sky is another great Palm planetarium, presented by the folks who also do 2Red!

     2Red gives you night-vision preserving red screens on any color Palm OS machine!


Pocket PC

skyp.gif (11342 bytes) Yes, Software Bisque really did shrink the Universe!

ds2000.gif (6910 bytes) Deepsky 2000, one of Rod's all-time favorites, is now in Pocket PC format!

pckuni.jpg (20546 bytes) Pocket Universe is a very attractive offering for the Pocket PCs...

ppic.jpg (5225 bytes) This is Meade's new "Pocket Pictor" CCD camera control software. Very interesting!


logo.jpg (12834 bytes)OAOG, The Ottawa Valley Astronomers and Observers' Groups (Challenge                        Lists for your Palm!)


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