The Straight Wall (Rupes Recta)



This huge scarp (fault), which is about 67 miles long and 600 feet high, is located on the Eastern "shore" of Mare Nubium. The prominent crater just above and left of center is Thebit, a terraced crater with fairly steep walls. Just to the north, and impinging on Thebit's wall,  is the smaller Thebit B (12 miles). Its walls, in turn, are disturbed by Thebit L, a 7-mile in diameter crater. Farther north, past the Straight Wall, is the isolated crater pair Birt and Birt A (10 miles and 4 miles respectively).

After a winter with little opportunities for (or seeing to support) Lunar imaging, I was finally able to get out and get this shot of Rupes Recta despite a lack of really optimum seeing. This was shot with the Nexstar 11 GPS (alt-az mode) and a Celestron Neximage webcam. Processing was with Registax 4 and Paint Shop Pro.


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