Gassendi the Great



Gassendi the Great: .One of the real wonders of the Moon, Gassendi is a spectacular walled plain 67-miles across located on the north shore of Mare Humorum. The northern wall is home to Gassendi A, a 20-mile diameter crater that is interesting in its own right. To the north of "A" is "B," which is detached from A and which appears to have been partially filled with lava. B is about 15 miles in diameter. The big attraction here is, of course, the complex system of rilles that criss-cross the floor of the main crater. The better your seeing, the more detail seems to appear. The central peak is composed of three main peaks, the tallest of which reaches an altitude of 12,000 meters.

Image Details:  Celestron C8, Celestron Neximage camera. Camera control with  K3CCD Tools, and processing with Registax 2 and Photoshop.


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