This is undeniably one of the most beautiful areas on the Moon, with large dark floored Archimedes being flanked by the equally attractive Autolycus (left) and Aristillus (right).

Archimedes: A remarkable feature. This large (50-miles) "circular formation" features a dark floor peppered with small craters (a few of which are visible here despite poor wintertime seeing).

Autolycus: 24-miles across Autolycus features sharply defined, steep walls. Little (2-mile) Autolycus A is perched on the crater's eastern rim.

Aristillus: Is even more impressive. This 33-mile diameter features rays, steep, terraced walls, and a complex central peak.

Image Data: Celestron NS11GPS, Celestron Neximage webcam. Processed with Registax 4 and Paintshop Pro.



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