M42 The Great Orion Nebula


    M42 (NGC 1976), Magnitude Magnitude 4.0 Emission Nebula, Size 85.0'x60.0', Constellation: Orion.


Image Details:

Frankly, this huge cloud looks great no matter how bad the light pollution, but the Stellacam really brought out the nebulosity. 

M42 is located about 1600 light years from our little world, and is but one small fragment of the huge complex of emission, reflection, and dark nebulae that extends through most of Orion. 

The light pollution has gotten pretty bad at Pine Lake over the years, but the Stellacam II definitely brought home the goods. It's now my favorite method of observing at this site. Looking at the monitor, my daughter, Elizabeth, christened M42, "The Great Bird of the Galaxy."

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