M105 (NGC 3379)


    M105 (LBN 203), Magnitude 9.3 E1 Elliptical Galaxy, Size 2.0'x2.0', Constellation: Leo.


Image Details:

M105 (top), and it's two companions, NGC 3384 (left center), and NGC 3389 show up well in the city in some very poor conditions, though 3389 is often a challenge for 12 inch telescopes..

This group of three is not quite a group of three. While 105 and 3384 probably are adjacent in space, the dimmer 3389 is thought to be a background object. M105 and its buddy are part of the Leo I group, and are probably about 38 million light years out in the great dark sea of intergalactic space.

The fierce light pollution was problematical for NGC 3389, though it did at least show up....

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