NGC 6888 The Crescent Nebula in Cygnus


    NGC 6888 (LBN 203), Magnitude 10.0 Emission Nebula, Size 20.0'x10.0', Constellation: Cygnus.


Image Details:

The Crescent Nebula is one of those legendary dim objects that draw deep sky observers and imagers. And this swath of emission nebulosity is a challenge for visual observers. The little cloud, which lurks near Gamma Cygni, is reluctant to make its presence known in anything smaller than a 12-inch telescope stationed under dark skies and equipped with an OIII filter. It's remarkably easy for the electronic imager to capture, however.

The Crescent Nebula is quite a different beast from most emission nebulae, having more in common with supernova remants than with clouds like M42. This nebula is the product of the death throes of a star. Its progenitor, a Wolf-Rayet star, has thrown off its outer layers, which now form the Crescent.

This nebula was easily visible on the monitor in real time, even with a red filter covering the screen...

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