M33, The Pinwheel Galaxy


M33, The Pinwheel Galaxy, NGC 598, Constellation: Triangulum, Magnitude 5.7, Size 68.7' x 41.6'

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Comments: M33, as is obvious from the size given in its caption, 68.7' x 41.6' huge, so its seemingly bright magnitude 5.7 light is badly spread out, making this one a challenge from light polluted areas. From dark sites, it can be visible in the naked eye, and is easy in binoculars. In addition to the spiral shape, the body of this loose Sc sprial, this Local Group galaxy is peppered with HII regions, giant patches of nebulosity that are readily observable in medium aperture scopes from dark sites.

M33 just fit the field of the C8/3.3 reducer/DSI. This shot was something of a throwaway, taken at the end of a long evening, and I should probably come back to it next year. Nevertheless, I'm pretty pleased with it. Not only is the spiral form distinct, the HII regions (which have their own NGC numbers) show up well (despite being the wrong color).

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