M53 (Globular in Coma Berenices)


    M53 (NGC 5024), Magnitude 7.60 Shapley-Sawyer Class V Globular Cluster, Size 13.0'x13.0', Constellation: Coma Berenices.


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Comments: Yeah, Coma's best globular does pale beside M3. Nope,  li'l ol' M53 is certainly not a showpiece of any kind from light polluted areas. But get out where it's dark, and, especially with a CCD camera, and this thing begins to look GOOD!

M53 cruises the lonely galactic halo about 58,000 dark light years from Earth.. 

Globulars are one of the best subjects for the DSI, and most cry out for just one more "better-gooder" shot every chance you get.

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