NGC 4565 (The Flying Saucer Galaxy)


    NGC 4565 (UGC 7772), Magnitude 9.60 Sb Spiral Galaxy, Size 16.0'x3.0', Constellation: Coma Berenices.


Image Details:

Comments: The Saucer is wonderful in almost any scope, from almost any skies, but under dark skies with a medium aperture instrument, it becomes a mind-blower. This edge on stretches all the way across the field of even a big, honkin' Nagler.

This saucer cruises deep space at the not inconsiderable distance of 31 million light years. Not far as cosmic distances go, but that's still a big, big number for silly little creatures such as ourselves to grasp.

Through a comedy of errors, I lost the original file for this image. I'm not displeased with the above image, but I think I can do better and want to try again soon.

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