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Welcome to the Home Page of Your Old Uncle Rod!


Come on in and set a spell. Put your feet up. Let me get you a glass of that wonderful concoction we here at Chaos Manor South love so well, REBEL YELL!  We're here to talk everything there is to talk about astronomy. And especially to introduce you to SCT User, the worldwide mailing list for users of Schmidt Cassegrains and other catadioptric telescopes, and The Mobile Astronomical Society, Mobile Alabama's very own astronomy club.






The Next MAS Meetings will be held on Thursday, November 4 and December 2 at 7pm at the ESC...The next MOSPs, Members Only Star Parties, will be on Saturday evening  October 30, November 6, and November 27...




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Hurricane Katrina Comes to Selma Street...Click HERE FOR PIX!




SCT User 







Click for the SCT-USER Mailing List Home Page. If you want to subscribe via email, you'll find a subscription form on the page! That will set you up to receive the list via mail. If you're more interested on reading posts on the web, subscribe to sct-user at the Yahoo web page at  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sct-user





The Mobile Astronomical Society



...is Mobile, Alabama's Astronomy Club


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in and a desire to learn more about astronomy. You need not own a telescope or other equipment to join us in our explorations of the universe. The MAS meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the Mobile Public Schools' Environmental Studies Center on Girby Rd. For further information on the MAS contact the Mobile Astronomical Society, c/o Rod Mollise RMOLLISE@hotmail.com, 1207 Selma St., Mobile, AL 36604.

   Click HERE for a Membership Application Form (.pdf)

Click HERE for a MAP to the ESC!



The MAS holds its meetings the first Thursday of each month at 7pm at the Mobile Public Schools' Environmental Studies Center on Girby Road. These meetings normally include both a business meeting and an informative presentation.  Occasionally, we will observe after a meeting, but we reserve most of that for the MOSPs. See the scroll at the top of the page for the date of the next meeting.

Members Only Star Parties (MOSPs)

Once a month we come together for a group observing session. These monthly dark-of-the-Moon "MOSPs" have in the past been held on the secure and comfortable grounds of the ESC. Recently, however, we've been using a dark site in the Tanner-Williams area for our deep sky observing (the ESC is situated in the midst of heavy light-pollution).  If you're a paid member of the MAS, you are welcome to attend MOSPs. For details, please email Rod at the address above.

Want to keep updated on MAS doings? Join the MAS Yahoogroup!







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